Introducing the drive for the driven

Early mornings. Later nights. Frequent, frequent flyer status. Hotel bars. Meetings on the fly. Working off your drive. New faces. New places. No stopping you.

Experience the SSD built for travel.



The Ultimate Carry-On

When you’re on the go as much as you are, you need all the convenience you can get. Which is why we designed My Passport™ Go with the portable convenience of a built-in cable. So you can spend all your time chasing your dreams, and no time looking for a cable.

The SSD Drive That's Not Afraid of Heights

My Passport™ Go was designed with a shock-absorbing rubber bumper. Plus, there are no moving parts inside, making it drop-resistant up to 2 meters. So, if the overhead compartment pops open mid-flight, and your bag falls into the aisle, your drive’s bumper will help break the fall.

Your World in the Palm of Your Hand

Whatever propels you forward, whatever passion fuels your future, it lives on your drive. And it comfortably fits in your pocket on your My Passport™ Go. Big dreams. Small drive.

Faster than TSA Pre-Check

The My Passport™ Go is over 2x faster than most portable hard drives. Perfect for those whose business life is always in overdrive.