MDF Terms and Conditions (US)

Program Conditions and Proof of Performance Requirements

  • All claims for Western Digital (WD) MDF (“MDF Claims”) must be received with invoice or debit note (as instructed by WD) by WD with complete and proper proof of performance acceptable to WD, and WD reference number within 30 days of program end date. Claims submitted past this 30 day limit will not be paid.
  • Western Digital (WD) Channel Marketing and Finance Departments will manage, and have exclusive control of all MDF funds. WD will have sole discretion as to the use or distribution of any MDF funds and may change the terms of, or cancel, its MDF Marketing Policy at any time at its sole discretion.
  • Marketing activities will be approved by WD on a case-by-case basis.
  • Certain MDF activities including, but not limited to, reseller promotions and sales incentives/contests, will be evaluated using return on investment (ROI) as a measurement based on unit target goals to be defined prior to program approval.
  • For those MDF activities evaluated using ROI related to “units sold” measurement, payment of MDF funds will be capped and the payout will be pro-rated based on actual program performance where applicable.
  • Prior written authorization from WD is required for all WD MDF marketing activities prior to the start of the MDF supported program. Failure to comply may result in the denial of claims. Occasionally, our internet-based system utilized for issuing PAs may be unavailable. Should this occur, approval(s) may be granted by WD via email until the PA can be generated.
  • Product prices in advertisements must be at or above the prices contained in the current MAP price list. WD will deny all advertising funds for the month or activity in which the MAP violation occurs.
  • All WD MDF marketing activities should meet the following objectives and guidelines:
    • Activity must be related to a properly qualified WD product
    • All program materials must include the current WD logo
    • All published material for use in print or online not developed by WD requires review and approval by WD in writing prior to use and/or distribution. Failure to comply may result in the denial of related claims.
    • Any program materials that contain or mention product or products that compete with a WD product must clearly differentiate, in a reasonable and accurate manner, the WD product(s) from the competitive product(s).
    • WD logo placement, size and color must follow the “WD Trademark and Logo Usage Guidelines” which can be found at:

Please Note: MDF claims are to be submitted within 30 DAYS after completion of the marketing activity. Reimbursement of eligible claims for approved WD MDF marketing activities will be made only by WD’s issuance of a credit memo or check within 30 days of approval of such claim by WD.
All claims are considered closed when a credit memo or check has been issued, and WD shall have no liability for any such claim thereafter.
By participating in WD MDF marketing programs, you agree that you will not deduct the amount of any MDF marketing claim from any invoice due, or any other amount owed, to WD for a minimum of 30 days prior to submitting a viable claim. Following the issuance of such credit memo, you agree that the maximum amount you will deduct from an invoice due, or other amount owed, to WD will be the amount of such credit memo, and that after any such deduction thereof, WD shall have no further liability with respect to the amount of such credit memo. WD shall have no liability for the results or outcome of any marketing activity you engage in pursuant to this program or otherwise. Customers who do not have a direct billing relationship with WD will receive a check.

As stated above, claims should be received by WD within 30 days of the program’s end date. In the event that additional time is required to collect proof of performance for a particular program, those claims may be extended on a case-by-case basis and proof of performance re-submission must be submitted to WD within 3 months following the quarter in which the program was executed. Claims received past this final deadline will be denied. Example: For a program ending Dec, 31, the claim must be received by WD no later than the last day of March the following year.

Click here for the list of WD Proof of Performance Requirements: